“My kids decided to shelf the belts they earned from the Martial Arts studio they were attending and start fresh as white belts in Krav Maga and my wife and I couldn’t be more proud. I would like to thank Greg Dziewonski, Brent Stephens and their team at Performance Krav Maga for the warm welcome. Krav Maga is teaching them how to properly defend themselves in real life situations.”

– Ed Carroll

” My son has been doing Krav Maga for 5 months now. Not only has it given him valuable skills in self defense, but he also has gained self confidence. The class is friendly, the instructors or all very patient and encouraging. This class has truly changed my sons life, the boy who once had no voice, was too shy to speak, is now the first to raise his hand in class, and create friendships. The boy who 5 months ago, could not do 1 sit up now does 20 or more… he is getting fit, learning new skills, and creating friends! Krav Maga, not a hobby, but a way of life! Thank you Greg and Brent and all the instructors who take their time making our children stronger mentally and physically!”

– Tammy L. Piwowski

“I have been to several different martial Arts schools, and I can honestly say that Performance Krav Maga is one of the best. All of the instructors, and students made me feel right at home as soon as I step in the door. The atmosphere was more like being around family, and friends unlike so many of the commercialized places. The workouts are intense, but a lot of fun. One big thing I noticed at PKM, that I didn’t find in other places is there are no egos. Everyone works together to help each other improve, and get better no matter what your skill level, or age. What your personal goal is, be it fitness, self defense, or stronger self confidence, the PKM family WILL get you there. So come out and train with us! We can’t wait to meet you.”

– Alfred Ty Wilson

“I have trained different styles of martial arts at different Dojos throughout my life but never really found that perfect fit for me, until I found Performance Krav Maga. The martial arts system itself, pulling the most natural and effective techniques from various other martial arts makes it very real world applicable. Our school, with three locations, classes 6 days a week with numerous instructors, makes attending classes convenient, easy and enjoyable. As an added bonus, I lost 26 pounds since I started training at PKM several times a week!”

– Vince Macrino

“Performance Krav Maga has been a great experience for myself and my 11 yr old daughter . If you are a parent and have any concerns about bullying or you child’s confidence this is the place you need to go and train . The skills learned here will prepare them for a forever changing world . Preparing your child for this Starts right here ! The Instructors here are nothing but top notch individuals coaching adults and children in such a way that you can’t wait to go back . It has been nothing but a positive experience . I’m watching my 11 yr old not only learn techniques that will save her life by more importantly she is learning discipline , respect for others and integrity that you don’t see anymore . I am PROUD to have my child here!”

– David Maxwell

Empowering People Through Krav Maga

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