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Police have no duty to protect you!

/, Krav Maga/Police have no duty to protect you!

Police have no duty to protect you!

Police have no duty to protect you!

I just read an article entitled “Police have no duty to protect you”. That’s right! The US Supreme Court has ruled that law enforcement agencies have no obligation under federal or state law to protect private citizens who are not in custody. In other words, the Police may choose to intervene to stop the crime but they are under no legal obligation to do so, even knowing that innocent lives may be lost.

Luckily for us, in most cases Police chose to protect us, but not always and not at all cause.

The best example is Parkland Shooting where Deputy of Broward County Sheriff’s Office chose to stand down while high school students were under fire. Federal judge ruled that he was within his rights.

So, if the Police are not there to protect you, who is?

Really… No one. At least you shouldn’t count on anyone if it comes to your and your family’s safety.

So, the next question is what is your self-defense plan? Do you have one?

Do you own a firearm? Can you carry it in your State? Do you have comprehensive firearms training? Do you have self-defense training?

If your self-defense plan is non-existent most likely you will be the victim if you find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time. If your self-defense plan is solely based on possession of a firearm all you get is just a false sense of safety. I can think of hundreds of situations when you won’t be able to get to your firearm in time, even if it’s on you.

The answer to your safety, since you may not relay on anyone else in this matter, is a multi-layer approach.

Firearm is great if supported by comprehensive firearm training, but it should only be one of the layers of our self-defense plan. What else can we add on top of that? I can think of a few things, such as good physical condition, driving skills, situational awareness or other self-defense means, including Taser, stun-gun, pepper spray or a spring-assisted pocket knife… but most important will always be your

Self-defense training.

Now you’re thinking this is going to take long years of training, wearing Martial Ars uniform, bowing to everyone and lighting up incense while meditating. Not necessarily!

Krav Maga is an Israeli Self-Defense System that was originally developed for (IDF) Israel Defense Forces and later on adopted to civilian and law enforcement needs. It’s easy to learn, easy to retain and extremely effective. It deals with multiple attackers’ scenarios, weapon defenses and practical self-defense for any situation.

Find a good Krav Maga school near you and start your training. Maybe one day you’ll need it to protect yourself, your loved ones or even strangers. Remember, on the street you’re on your own, but at Performance Krav Maga you’re always part of a family! And where I come from, we didn’t call the cops.

We called family.

Written by Greg Dziewonski