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April 2019

What to Know Before Your First Krav Maga Class


Every great martial artist had to start somewhere. For those who haven’t ever attempted krav maga, that journey usually begins with a free class at their local school. Though there’s a lot to learn with any martial art, there are some specific things you should keep in mind before you take your first class. Bumps [...]

What to Know Before Your First Krav Maga Class2019-04-09T11:37:39+00:00

March 2019

3 Tips to Help You Set and Achieve Your Goals


Progress is an important part of being human. We feel great when we’re setting goals for ourselves and seeing them through. Whether it’s the beginning of the year or a fresh start we’ve created for ourselves, we can plan and implement goals that will help us move forward in our chosen path. In fitness, diet, [...]

3 Tips to Help You Set and Achieve Your Goals2019-03-22T15:45:05+00:00

Two ways to have the tallest building in town…


I’ve been training Krav Maga for about 10 years. Having background in Judo I always wanted to come back to Martial Arts, but at the age of 40 I couldn’t quite picture myself going back to the sport that requires a lot of flexibility. Also, my back injury that prevented me from continuing Judo [...]

Two ways to have the tallest building in town…2019-03-18T22:20:41+00:00

Rest: The Other Side of Training


When it comes to training in a martial art (or any other physical activity), it’s easy to get caught up in the cycle of long workouts and minimal sleep. Especially those who are highly devoted to their cause, whether it’s martial arts, CrossFit, or a marathon, can misjudge the amount of time they need to [...]

Rest: The Other Side of Training2019-03-08T15:31:10+00:00

February 2019

Training in Israel


Krav Maga is the only martial art that continuously evolves. Principles, strategies, and techniques change as there is an increased awareness that combative and self defense techniques are more related to modern day urban warfare than the traditional modes of combat centuries ago. Staying current with the latest training techniques, a delegation from Performance [...]

Training in Israel2019-03-08T15:31:00+00:00

How Best to Approach Your Krav Maga Training


So, you’ve decided to pursue training in Krav Maga. A great choice that has many benefits in both physical and mental health! But how should you approach your newly discovered subject in order to get the most out of your training and also prevent injury or muscle strains? These tips on how to best [...]

How Best to Approach Your Krav Maga Training2019-03-08T15:31:06+00:00

Are You Training With the Right Instructor?


A martial arts learning experience can vary by the school and instructor you ultimately end up choosing. Because of this, these are two important decisions you need to make in order to end up with the best experience for you specifically. Outside of choosing the right school for you, you also need to know [...]

Are You Training With the Right Instructor?2019-02-24T13:04:12+00:00

January 2019

10 Things You May Not Know About Krav Maga


Whether you’ve taken a few Krav Maga classes or have just been doing some research, there are quite a few little-known facts out there that can slip past even the most well-studied of students. Here are ten fun facts you may not have realized about Krav Maga: 1. Krav Maga's founder, Imi Lichtenfeld, began [...]

10 Things You May Not Know About Krav Maga2019-02-24T13:10:39+00:00

5 Ways Krav Maga Can Improve Your Fitness


People get into Krav Maga for many different reasons, from self-defense to social interaction and beyond. Whether you’re focused on improving your fitness or not, one beneficial side effect of training at a Krav Maga school is an increase in your physical fitness in a number of different ways. 1. Flexibility The movements and skills [...]

5 Ways Krav Maga Can Improve Your Fitness2019-01-23T14:34:44+00:00

A hard lesson learned


A HARD LESSON LEARNED Several years ago my son expressed an interest in a martial arts program. At nine years of age, he had a friend there, and it seemed like it would blend in with his soccer schedule. I took a cursory look at the website, and they had flashy photographs of smiling [...]

A hard lesson learned2019-01-08T13:30:54+00:00