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Krav Maga in Law Enforcement

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Law Enforcement Training in US

Is law enforcement in the United States properly trained? The answer is no. I have trained many Police officers and other law enforcement personnel and they all have said the same thing. That the only training in self-defense techniques they've received was at the Police Academy or during their initial training. So if they received training, how come they don't remember any of it? The answer is simple. Self-defense is a perishable skill. You can't just do it once and expect it to remember it forever. You need to train on regular bases.

Another problem is, that it probably wasn't the right type of training. Many Police academies teach selected self-defense techniques that come from traditional martial arts such as Aikido or Jiu Jitsu. Don't get me wrong. I have nothing against traditional martial arts, after all my background is Judo, but face it, traditional martial arts require years of training to become efficient in self defense. You can't become Steven Segal in six month's.

How about Krav Maga?

Krav Maga have been developed in IDF (Israel Defense Forces) with one objective in mind. To create contact combat system that will be suitable for everyone. Men and women, young and older fit and not so fit. It also had to be easy to learn, easy to retain and very effective. It was a top secret for nearly twenty years until 1964 when Imi Lichtenfeld - the founder of the system retired from IDF and began to teach Krav Maga to civilians and law enforcement agencies.

Would Krav Maga work for Law Enforcement officers? Absolutely! Krav Maga for law enforcement objective has been modified  from eliminating the insurgency on the battlefield in hand to hand combat to apprehending the suspect in the lawful manner in order to bring him to justice.

Benefits of Krav Maga training by Law Enforcement

Thanks to advancing popularity of smart phones we all see news and Internet videos of butchered arrests, unnecessary use of firearm, taser and a baton by Police Officers but also officers being brutally attacked and injured, even killed in the line of duty.

Notice I said unnecessary, not unlawful. I don't wan' to sound like I'm against the law enforcement, because I'm not. After all in many situations Police Officers need to make split second decisions, under stress and they have the right to protect their life. And yes, sometimes they will make mistakes, because they are humans.

But what if they didn't have to rely solely on their service firearm and other non lethal weapons in their disposal, that many times give them false sense of security? What if they were better trained. What if they were trained in Krav Maga? Would that make them safer? Would it save lives? I will leave that answer to you.

So, why Krav Maga is not more popular among the law enforcement? There are many reasons. Red tape, budgetary restrictions, limited number of high level Krav Maga Instructors and also general unawarness just to name a few.

However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. More and more Law Enforcement agencies reach out to Krav Maga Instructors for training as they become aware of the potential benefits of Krav Maga training.

As a Krav Maga Instructor I had a pleasure and an honor of training some of them. Believe me, they are highly motivated and committed to our safety. They just need better tools.

If you know a Law Enforcement Officer tell them about Krav Maga.

Written by Greg Dziewonski