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Why lineage is important

Greg Dziewonski

Alain Cohen & Grag Dziewonski


     If any commodity is in low suply and in high demand you can expect the price of such commodity to be higher, but more importantly it also opens the door for some to try to capitalize on imitations and knock-offs. Currencies are counterfeited, art is being forged and designer clothing is being knocked-off. The same applies to Krav Maga.


      Krav Maga is a very young Martial Art and has its roots in pre World War 2 era. It became an official combat system in 1948 when it's founder Imi Lichtenfeld was selected to lead hand to hand combat training for IDF (Israel Defense Forces).

For the next 16 years Krav Maga was kept a top secret until 1964 when Imi retired from the military and began to teach Krav Maga to civilians and law enforcement.

Krav Maga made its way to United states in early 1980s by 3 Americans who went to Israel to study under Imi: Rick Blitstein, Alan Feldman and Darren Levine.


CAPITALIZING ON KRAV MAGAGreg Dziewonski & Raphy Elgrissy

Krav Maga is a very effective combat system, therefore it remains to be in high demand. Unfortunately, there are plenty of pseudo-instructors who want to capitalize on teaching Krav Maga without putting the time, effort and commitment, first. I call them YouTube University graduates.

They're usually Martial Arts school owners, teaching martial arts that can't seam to resits an urge of capitalizing on Krav Maga, so they go to the "source" (YouTube) and after watching some Krav Maga videos they decide they are ready to start Krav Maga program in their Dojo.


Every legitimate Krav Maga Instructor will be proudly displaying his certificates and bragging about where he learned Krav Maga. From here it's easy to follow the lineage and see what is the Instrructor's connection to the founder.

For example: my teacher is Alain Cohen who received his 5th Dan Black Belt from Imi Lichtenfeld's first student and 2nd Black Belt ever awarded by Imi - Raphy Elgrissy. I also had an opportunity to train under Imi's direct students Alan Feldman and Rick Blitstein.

If you follow this rule you'll know you picked the right school and the right instructor and that you are learning authentic Krav Maga.